My 10 wardrobe staples

1. Black blazer (wearing in size 36)

Gotta start with my favourite piece: a classic black blazer in slightly oversized fit. Goes every season for so many occasions. I mostly still wear it in evening looks, it’s never overdressed or underdressed. For dinner dates with my boyfriend, drinks with girls, family dinners etc. I don’t think I’ve ever traveled without having this in my suitcase.

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2. Silk shirt (similar)

White loose silk shirt has been a favourite for years too. This one is my grandma’s old and I try to take good care of it. I wear it leather trousers, jeans and skirts. I feel so sophisticated with a silk shirt on!

3. Black trousers (wearing in size xs)

Flared, straight or slim. These flared ones are from Zara and they are amazing. (Same ones in the first picture.) They are a tiny bit long on me but I kind of love the look so I haven’t gotten them tailored…

4. Timeless jewelry (linked this necklace)

Classic jewelry is a must for me! I love pieces that I can wear every day and every look. And I prefer the quality to be the kind that doesn’t wear out. My collection isn’t big at all but carefully selected. 🙂

5. Bodysuit (wearing in size s)

I’d say every other day I’m wearing a bodysuit. With leggings or sweatpants for a comfy look or with jeans or other type of trousers for a casual look. Or like above with smart trousers for drinks with girls. I know so many people own this Zara bodysuit and I absolutely love it too, I own it in black, white, brown and nude.

6. Leggings (wearing in size 4)

These just had to make it to the list since I wear them so often. I’d say my number one favourite is lululemon aligns, second ones wunderunders. First ones for lounging and when I need the most comfortable second skin feeling, second ones when I need more durable sleek ones. Wearing aligns here because it was a travel day haha. A bit pricey but worth every penny!

7. Little black dress (similar)

Does this even need explanations? Classic lbd works for nearly any party. But I love my little black dresses to have some kind of details: one shoulder, ruching, silky material, rhinestone straps… Something to make it more special!

8. Classic wool coat (wearing in size xs)

When I want to feel more put-together I go for a classic wool coat, there’s something feminine and super classic about it which I love. This nude color is a bit delicate but when the material is wool it actually repels liquids and stains quite well!

9. Comfortable bralette (wearing size M – I’d recommend sizing up one size)

Of course I need to include the most comfortable perfect bra there is. I didn’t like the basic CK bralette that first came out, this one is a whole different thing. Now I nearly always wear my CK bralette (own it in 3 colours), it’s wireless yet supportive, comfortable and flattering. Absolutely love it.

10. Cashmere/wool knits (similar)

Roll neck, crewneck or v-neck. Preferably in neutral colour and loose fit, never getting bored.

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