Snowy getaway

Trip provided by Hotel Iso-Syöte

While I’m waiting for snow to fall in Southern Finland (white Christmas please 🤞) I have to just keep memorizing our lovely few days in Iso Syöte. When everything is covered under a snow blanket it just looks so beautiful! Definitely hoping to get one more trip this winter to somewhere with lots of snow…

‘Bear Cave Suite’ was the room we were staying at in Hotel Iso-Syöte. It was super cosy yet luxurious with the fireplace and hot tub. Also need to mention two types of saunas in the room: both traditional & steam sauna. After a day outside there couldn’t be anything more relaxing than just enjoying all the luxuries of the room 🤍 I had my book with me to read at nights but relaxation level made me fall asleep after one page each night, which is really rare for me! 😅

For the first time tried a snow mobile, it was so fun. Can only recommend if anyone ever has the chance!

The dreamiest Christmas movie setup ☺️

Look at that amount of snow!! ❄️ 💙

Restaurant Hilltop. Out of the menu burger was my clear fav, it was really good!

Heading back home… Now all fingers and toes crossed for white Christmas!

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